Monday, April 8, 2013

Crunch time.

You'd think that with the luxurious hours afforded to me by my psychiatry rotation, I'd be getting things done. You know, studying, working on a paper, finally finishing the last 20 pages of this excellent book. Or cooking interesting food. But no, no, I'm using that time to continue taking frequent naps and watch Dr. Who. Until today, that is. I'm buckling down, ladies and germs!

Inconveniently for my renewed work ethic, it's finally de facto spring! by which I mean it's April and no longer 35 degrees out. Andy got home too late from supervising hapless pre-meds* taking their organic chemistry practical exam for us to dine al fresco. Still, it's the thought that counts. Thanks, weather.

An assortment of my favorite foods, by which I mean things
 I can eat massive amounts of without getting fat. Also, a knife.

Homemade lemony, garlicky, paprikified hummus.

Freshly baked pita.

I wanted black grapes, but Fairway was out. My problems are
profound and life-altering, man.

A trip to East Village Cheese is always worth imported feta
at four dollars a pound.


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