Saturday, September 20, 2014

An apple or five a day

Well, look at that. It's the end of September. Guess this intern year thing is getting the better of my culinary side. The upside is that we've skipped straight to autumn, which means it's apple season! I've already picked up some new ones to sample. I tried to pace myself. It didn't work. I'll be posting about actual food I've been making, but first, without further ado:

1. Williams red: This one was terrible. I'm choosing to believe that I just picked a bad one, or it's too early for them, because the apple is so beautiful!

2. Pristine: Pretty, no? This one wasn't bad. It reminded me of a more floral, less generic Golden Delicious.

3. Seek No Further: Yes, it's that good. Complex, tropical, aromatic... I need more of this in my life.

4. Gravenstein: This one had an interesting texture, so firm it was almost rubbery. I didn't mind, but I like unusually firm apples. 

5. 20 oz Pippin: I forgot to photograph this one, but that's okay because it was sort of a nondescript green apple. It tasted like a very large Pippin.

6. Cox orange Pippin: This wars with the Seek No Further for my personal favorite of the bunch. Isn't that a pretty color, too?

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