Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not kosher for Passover... but kosher for awesome.

On today's menu: rosemary bread a la Andy, pea-and-spinach soup, and what Cook's Illustrated describes as "perfect chocolate chip cookies."

1. These cookies are nearly perfect; their imperfection stems from a slight equipment malfunction (the cookie sheets suck, and I don't know where the good ones are, and we had no aluminum foil, so the bottoms browned quite quickly). They use 10 tablespoons of browned butter and 4 tablespoons of not-browned, and they're so very good.

2. The rosemary bread is hard not to like. The recipe instructs to use a bread machine, but those are for wimps who can't wise up to the fun of making bread the old-fashioned way. Basting it often with olive oil gives it a light, crunchy, delicious crust.

3. The soup involved cooking up some shallots in Smart Balance, throwing in frozen green peas and vegetable broth and spinach and a splash of white wine (I wish I had sherry) and mint and pepper and boiling it up and pureeing it, sadly without the aid of my trusty immersion blender, and then tossing in a few tablespoons of cream to smooth it all out and voila.

I chopped up some nectarine and kiwi and strawberries for a fruit salad, too, and all the doors are open, because the weather is perfect in Sarasota in late March, and why the hell not? I just wish I had a camera, because the soup is a lovely color and I want to make you all jealous.

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