Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer is a-cumin in

After all that bragging about "Hey, exercising lots allows you to stuff your face!", I have a confession to make. I haven't been posting much because once again I've been embarking on that weird, autopunitive lifting-related meal plan. Again. It involves lots of vegetables, lots of protein powder, and not much else. I told you, autopunitive!

It's bad timing, however, that this is taking place in the last week of July and first week of August. That's when the farmer's market has a bumper crop of everything I love: stone fruits, grassy, fresh sweet corn, watermelon*, gorgeous lettuces, forest-green bundles of kale... it's my own personal Eldhrimnir from which I can pluck whatever delicious foodstuffs I like. I went a little crazy this past weekend, but because of the above diet, I didn't really do much with my bounty, which was as follows:

A tiny yellow watermelon...

...sadly, it was not nearly as tasty as it was pretty.

An ivory-white eggplant.

The most incredibly sweet, tangy, slightly spicy golden cherry tomatoes.

[Note pictured: massive bunch of Tuscan kale; gorgeous pale green ear of corn; firm red bell pepper]
 Here's what it made:

That's right, I just sauteed everything together with some garlic and lemon juice and fresh basil. It's not refined, and it's not pretty, but it tasted like unicorn hugs must feel. Best corn ever. Best tomatoes ever. Creamiest roasted eggplant ever. This upcoming weekend, I'm planning another spree, but I promise to make something fancy, maybe from Ripe or Tender.

*God, how I love watermelon.

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