Friday, September 13, 2013

Plantar fasciitis

I'm loving my MICU rotation. Loving. It. Maybe loving it even more than these dachshunds love their bath.

That being said, the rounds are very, very long, and I can't help but think about this when we get back to the call room (replace nurses with PAs, since the nurses have their own stations to kick us out of). When I'm an attending*, I'm going to sit all the damn time. All. The. Time.

Other drawback: the food. Aside from the daily lunch (which, by the way, is a steady rotation of ciabatta sandwiches, pizza, and pastas, hold the salad) helpfully filched from the internal medicine noon conferences, everyone insists on bringing in delightful carb-laden snacks and breakfast items.

Including me. Hypocrisy?!? Where? I ate one at work, and then when I got home I ate more under the guise of filling them with healthful scrambled eggs.

The way I see it, I'm undoing all the hard work done the previous week, during which I made a series of delicious salads involving dressings made from pureed avocado and herbs and lemon juice.

The dressing has chives, parsley, and basil in it.

Rounds of shaved raw squash and zucchini filled with
sauteed mushrooms and raw avocado.

I included oven-baked chickpeas, but this needed
an additional crunchy element.
Not pictured: the salad with almonds, kale, apples, and an avocado-mint-parsley dressing with lemon juice and a touch of champagne vinegar.

*Creeping ever closer, by the way, at least insofar as ERAS submission is coming up in three days. Only four years of grueling residency plus (likely) two years of fellowship to go!

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