Saturday, January 11, 2014


I never want to eat restaurant food again. Baffling, right? Well, what with all the traveling over the past couple months*, interview dinners, interview breakfasts, and interview lunches, it feels like ages since I've had a nice, fresh, healthful home-cooked meal consisting primarily of vegetables.

You'd think that when I had a day at home, I'd make a big salad, or perhaps a light mushroom soup. Only one thing: I got a KitchenAid pasta set for Christmas! To be specific, I got one from my husband, one from my in-laws, and one from my mother. I couldn't not make pasta.

At least this fettucini with walnut sauce over an arugula salad lightly dressed with lemon and capers included some greens. The fish on top is sole, and the portion is huge because it was for Andy. The temptation to make spaghetti and lasagna and ravioli with the greatest of ease is too great. The low-salt, low-oil salad that I know I should be eating just doesn't match up.

Now please excuse me while I go do New Yorky things in New York for the four days I have before leaving town again.

*Still going to Boston and San Francisco. My last interview is the last day of January, after which I plan to enjoy a prolonged period in New York with zero time on buses or trains.

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