Sunday, September 11, 2011

Double or nothin'

I did two bikram yoga classes in a row today for the first time. A "double" is something I told myself I'd never be silly enough to undertake, but somewhere along the way I just felt like I had to. Honestly, it wasn't bad! Lifting my arms is currently not as simple as it should be, though.

Speaking of changed minds... I'd originally planned to make something quotidian and doubtless repetitive for dinner today, but then I saw this recipe for sweet corn polenta. And I had to.

The vinaigrette has sesame oil and balsamic vinegar in it instead of olive oil and red wine vinegar, and I used a more liberal hand with the garlic and shallots than recommended here. Whatever you do to it, the basic concept remains: making polenta with fresh corn rather than cornmeal is pretty much the best idea.

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  1. Hey---I'm glad you enjoyed the polenta as much as I did :) Thanks for linking to The Yellow House. I hope you'll continue to stop by!