Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sticks and stones

Sticks of bread are the best thing since slices of bread.

They're awesome and crunchy and can be bitten in half in one fell swoop!

This is my attempt at Mario Batali's juniper grissini, which are these super-slim, crispy Italian breadsticks, but I was in a rush and only cut some of them to grissini thinness. I happened to have juniper berries on hand thanks to a friend of mine who bought them in Puerto Rico. No, they're neither native to South America nor used in South American cooking. The way said friend chose them was this: he picked up a bag of them at a spice shop and asked the saleswoman what they were used in. She said she'd have to look that up. He said, "Never mind, this is just what I was looking for." I think that's a compliment of sorts? He may have overestimated my juniper knowledge, because this is one of exactly two recipes I know of that uses juniper, and no, I'm not making my own gin. Any ideas, Internet?

Since lentil salads are apparently my new curried lentils with rice, that's what I served the breadsticks with*. The lentils are flavored with celery salt, pepper and sage; the roasted brussels sprouts and shallot slices have lemon juice on them; and the cheese is smoked gouda. The grapes are grapes.

*No, not the other way around, thank you.

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