Monday, July 18, 2011


In the past four days, I have not:

1. blogged
2. gone to yoga (though I did have a great run with Andy and my mom in Pittsburgh)
3. eaten a reasonable amount of calories

In the past four days, I have:

1. tasted a fantastic amount of cake for possible wedding celebration cakes for December (Oakmont Bakery's chocolate torte may be the most delicious thing)
2. purchased 400-mL beakers for the above celebration
3. read three books (Walter Benjamin for Children, Game of Thrones, Waiting for the Barbarians)
4. prepared for Andy's arrival tomorrow by cooking and cleaning like a madwoman (I swear to god, our relationship is more than me cooking things he likes. There are puns, too.)

Major food post coming tomorrow. For now, I'll just say that I think Jeffrey Mehlman is trying to imitate the prolixity of his favorite thinker in his book, Game of Thrones lives up to the hype, and Waiting for the Barbarians is as good as any Coetzee novel I've ever read. And that I rode the Megabus home last night with a church youth group, a priest, and two nuns. It was funny until one of the boys started, like, preaching as the rest of us tried to nap. Woman in front of me, bless you for turning around and saying, "Really?" in the most sarcastic voice you could muster, thereby shutting him up.

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