Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Momofuku has been a legendary establishment for me. It's a media darling, I'm sure deservedly so, and when I lived in Florida and Boston, I used to wish I could go there. Of course, now that I live in New York, I'm confronting the sad facts that it's not exactly vegetarian-friendly, and it's way too expensive for my budget, but that doesn't mean I can't employ a little DIY.

This sauce, you see, is actually as delicious as it sounds (and as it is described). As you can see, I served it with an assortment of soba, grapefruit, steamed beet greens with a squeeze of lime, steamed carrots, and soybeans (edamame's more mature version). The combination of grapefruit and beet greens was a little too bitter; next time, I'll use oranges or a sweeter green, like bok choy. Otherwise... A+. Now, for an excuse to make crack pie...

Oh, and this was the view of last night's sunset from the window of my new apartment. Totally gratuitous.

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