Saturday, July 23, 2011

And the daddy tomato said, "Ketchup!"

Before I try to recount all that I've been neglecting to post about, I must share some (marginally, or not at all unless you're non-verdipollicalic me) exciting news: my orchid is in full bloom once again! I'm pretty sure it's been inspired by the not-so-sub-tropical weather we've been suffering through here in New York. Seriously, Florida left me with a deep appreciation for hot weather, but when the inside of the bikram studio I visit is not appreciably different in temperature or humidity from 27th Street, even I can't help but complain. At least, thanks to said chthonic conditions, there are three blossoms out and three more on the way. 

So, yeah, inattention to blog: achieved. I neglected to post about the semolina buttermilk cupcakes with chocolate buttermilk frosting that I made for quizbowl yesterday*, or about the variation on Mark Bittman's frozen honey mousse that I made to use up some of that leftover caramel sauce**. There's been a lot of excitement 'round these parts, but at the end of it... we finally have a real apartment! With furniture! And a well-stocked kitchen! And even some free floor space!

And bread, of course. This is basil garlic bread made with buttermilk***. Oddly, the recipe I based it on called for a significant amount of sugar. I thought twice about adding it, but concluded that it must have been included to cut the sour flavor in the buttermilk. And sure enough, the bread was a little too sweet. Otherwise, though, A+.

Dinner was a black-eyed pea salad complete with kale, watermelon, feta, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, and a tangy buttermilk balsamic dressing. One day I'll actually compose an attractive plate of salad instead of shoveling it all on a plate and chowing down.

*where I learned about the petroleum spas of Naftalan, Azerbaijan, which have a history chock-full of Soviet hilarity. This is why I play quizbowl.
**Replace the 1/3 cup honey with 1/2 to 2/3 cups caramel sauce, depending on how dark and how runny your sauce is. What results is a (slightly denser than the original) frozen dulce de leche mousse, and it's phenomenal.
***I have quite a lot left over. My current recipe ideas to use it up pronto include pancakes and... pancakes. Any suggestions, Internet?

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