Monday, December 28, 2009

College cookies

My lack of a camera is really beginning to bug me, because today's baking fun doesn't really mean anything without pictures.

I actually started yesterday by baking some plain old sugar cookies (using my favorite recipe, which yields dense, chewy cookies, rather than crisp, crumbly cookies), then running out of time to decorate them before going out to Have Fun (dinner at some friends' followed by a visit to this place). Most of them had been eaten by the time I got around to decorating them today...

In any case, my little sister just got into Louisiana State University, so these were LSU cookies. I used a basic confectioners sugar-milk-food coloring icing to make purple borders around the circular cookies, flood them with bright yellow and slightly thinner icing, and write the LSU logo on them. My best friend Liz attempted and failed to decorate one of them (a cross between Jackson Pollock and an epileptic baker), but my friend Kelsey made a very cute tiger cookie (LSU's mascot is the tiger).

Anyway, I'm sure you'd all be falling all over yourselves with glee if you could actually see the cookies, but you can't. Just trust me on this one. Feel free to post accolades, and give Kelsey her due!


  1. Wait, your sister is of college applying age? Cha-ching!

  2. HAHAHAHA...and yes, I suck at cookie decorating. Let's moved on with our lives.

    Also, I thought my tiger cookie was as good as Kelsey's, just more conceptual! (The word tiger spelled out, instead of an actual one).

    Ok, Kelsey rocks.

  3. Loren, you are SO CREEPY. So creepy.