Saturday, December 19, 2009

Red wine is awesome!

I made the pear tarte tatin with red wine caramel, and it was ridiculously good. I have photos but no way of uploading them right now... but when I do, you'll see that the pears take on this lovely rose color against the dark red caramel. I wish I'd done a more symmetrical job in tucking the phyllo around the pears, but there you are. Strangely, it was done in a little over half the time the recipe recommended. I'm not sure if the recommended amount of phyllo was just too thin, but it held up well when sliced, and I got to eat it more quickly, so no complaints here!

Incidentally, I used a pinot noir to make it, and used the remaining wine to make a wonderful Mark Bittman recipe: salmon with pinot noir sauce. I added a few things, including garlic and shallots, and it was wonderful, particularly when served up alongside some crisp roasted kale and roasted, mashed turnips and sweet potatoes.

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