Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's supa-fly to bake a pretty pie

If I could be sure that Certain Parties weren't reading this, I would use some extremely sensual language to describe how this chocolate pie with chocolate glaze and a chocolate graham cracker crust tastes. As it is... I'm just going to subject the pie to big, dopey, I-love-you cow eyes and hope it gets the message. Either that or change my Facebook relationship status.

The glaze that you can't see because there's no picture yet is uneven for two reasons:
1. When I tilted it to spread the glaze around, little crust crumbles kept falling off.
2. I ended up making another portion of glaze, since the first didn't quite cover the entire pie.

When I next make this (and trust me, there will be a next time), I'll make 1.5 times the amount the recipe suggests. Hopefully that and a firmer hand on the crust will solve the problems. I'll also wait for it to cool completely so that I can put the whipped cream that I made on it without disaster occurring.

Like the tarte tatin, this baked faster than I expected; as a result, I suspect that my family's oven is running hot. I'll test it tomorrow with a simple cake or something, reducing the temperature by 20 degrees or so and seeing how that works out.

EDIT: Here's the recipe!

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