Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ongoing list of recipes under consideration

Please comment, both to add your own and to offer constructive criticism on what I've got. Or to lavish adulation on what I've got. I suppose I'm okay with that.

*Found a recipe for orange marshmallows; have a recipe in my trusty (if dilapidated) Good Housekeeping baking book for the richest chocolate cake I've ever made; will increase proportion of unsweetened to semisweet chocolate in order to make a dark chocolate cake with candied orange rind and orange marshmallow garnish.

*While in Louisiana, will be cooking Christmas Eve dinner for an unspecified but assuredly large number of people. Mark Bittman has a recipe for an almond dessert frittata that seems quick, simple, and easily adaptable for large quantities. I plan to top it with caramelized apples.

*Thank you, Shawn McClain, for bringing into this world a pear tarte tatin with red wine caramel.

*Andy's mom made delicious molasses cookies while I was in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. I'm going to bake both the recipe I habitually use and the recipe she habitually uses in order to compare and contrast.

*During a discussion of chocolate pie on the quizbowl forums, someone whose cooking prowess I greatly admire posted this recipe. It looks beautiful, and plus, I don't get to use that fluted tart pan often.

*I made a whiskey chocolate cake at college once; it was shockingly alcoholic, which may have added to its appeal. I found a recipe for a bourbon cake that looks to be more chocolate and less bourbon and thus looks to be more appealing to the parental set.

*Aforementioned pistachio tart can be found here. I plan to take less time than she did. Efficiency ++.

*Homemade cinnamon raisin bread with pecans. Maybe I'll candy the pecans.

*Overnight sticky buns. Need I say more?

*I've never tried making jelly candies, although I've always enjoyed eating the gourmet ones that you get from time to time. Flavors I want to give a shot: pomegranate (with star anise, perhaps?), strawberry, key lime.

*Apple pudding with caramel sauce.

*Emma will murder me if I don't make those turnovers, so I shall.

*I've always wanted to try a Paris-brest pastry... Here goes nothing!

*Nutella palmiers! It's Nutella! In palmiers!

*Apricot cornmeal cookies with rosemary: savory, sweet, thoroughly intriguing.

*Andy's been extolling the virtues of St. Louis butter cake. I saw that the NYT featured it a month ago, and it looked indulgently delicious.

*My family looked askance at me when I made bacon chocolate cupcakes, and I no longer eat meat, but I found a recipe for chocolate fudge with bacon that I'd like to try on my friends.

*Fig frangipane tart (which was presented to me as a dessert pizza, but I don't have a baking stone)

*If the bushes at my house are flowering--they should be, as it's freakishly warm in Sarasota--I'd like to make hibiscus macaroons with lavender cream.

*Normally, I eschew white chocolate, but white chocolate cheesecake with raspberries sounds great.

*Flan? Flan. As a shout-out to my friend Ernest, I'm taking suggestions on favorite flavors.

*You've read this far, and thus you are rewarded with cardamom doughnuts.


  1. This post seems somewhat lacking without the pictures.

  2. Gooey butter cake? Why on earth haven't you made this yet??? (On another note, it's been fun catching up on your winter break adventures after finally settling at home after my considerably-more-wandering ones...)

  3. Because I keep forgetting to buy more yeast! It's next on my list, though. Either that or marshmallows.

    (Where did you go for break?)