Monday, June 21, 2010

Anyone else read the Strawberry Shortcake books when you were little?

I have never had a cookie as creamy as these strawberry shortcake cookies. The recipe has 2/3 cup heavy cream in it; I decided to make it both because the strawberries that are out these days are fantastic and because we still had (and continue to have) some heavy cream purchased for the caramel. The one caution is that these cookies spread more than the recipe writers would have you think; 1.5-inch scoops made massive, muffin top-like cookies. Now, I love muffin tops, and so I'm not going to complain, but these were definitely not "two-bite cookies," as advertised. They very much encapsulate the shortcake experience, though, and with much less work than shortcake entails.

Since you sugar (and lemon juice) the chopped berries and let them sit while mixing up the dough, which draws out the juices, the strawberry juice turns the dough light pink and flavors it oh-so-slightly. Good, flavorful berries are essential.

To go with the cookies (heh), I made japchae. I suppose it wasn't real japchae, considering that I couldn't find dangymen (Korean sweet potato noodles) at C-mart and just went with rice-based cellophane noodles, but the sauce was the same, and I guess that's what counts. C-mart did furnish some extraordinarily cheap shiitake mushrooms of pretty solid quality, as well as a big package of Chinese broccoli that I used instead of asparagus, because asparagus seemed out of place in this context. Its a very assertive vegetable, and I couldn't see it blending so well with the Korean sauce. Topping each bowl with some roughly chopped scallions and some toasted sesame seeds went nicely as well.

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