Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime, and the livin's... er... yeah.

Hello again! Summer cuisine got off to a start weeks ago with a lentil stew for the Justice, a test of three types of chocolate cookie in preparation for the upcoming NSC quizbowl tournament, three loaves of bread topped with a cool avocado-apple chutney at Northwestern while visiting my best friend pre-HSNCT... but I've only just now gotten around to actually blogging about it.

Tonight has been all about the busy. There's that pesky NSC to finish editing, and Andy and I still haven't fully moved in. Thus, the obvious thing to do is to add one more task and bake cinnamon raisin bread. The kind folks at Brandeis' tech services fixed my camera about three days before my lovely mother gave me a camera for graduation, so now I'm all about the poorly taken food pictures (in my defense, it's 3 a.m. and I have other things to do and can't be bothered setting up something pretty)! This bread is going to help the two of us power through the rest of unpacking and tournament editing (high school quizbowl chemistry canon: VERY TINY). It is just rich enough and coated with a fantastically thick layer of cinnamon sugar. I also greased the pan with butter rather than the recommended cooking spray, which makes it artery-cloggingly rich on the outside.

Here's a bonus shot, thanks to the guy who fixed the camera.

Not pictured is the beet mac 'n' cheese (made with fontina, spiced with a bit of tarragon; beet greens included) that Andy and I had for dinner; there was a rather limited farmers market off Central where I picked up the beets and cheese, as well as some chard for tomorrow's dinner. The color pink isn't my favorite, but it was kind of fun to watch the cheese sauce turn all rosy as I mixed in the beet chunks.

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