Monday, June 28, 2010

Savory flan, and dear god someone eat this cake

I love my immersion blender so, so much. It does what food processors can't. For a long time, I thought that my inability to get the results I wanted out of a food processor was user error, but now I think that either I've been using below-par food processors or food processors just don't work well. Ever.

In any case, although I didn't boil the carrots quite long enough, they were less over-hard (jesus, that construction is awkward, and hey, two references to deities in one post!) than I thought they were; the food processor refused to admit that they were, in fact, mostly squishy. The puree was... well, puree enough to blend sufficiently with the eggs and milk, and the flan was nice and light. We ate it warm, but I can see it being good cold as well.

The recipe instructed me to serve it with a lemon vinaigrette-dressed clump of microgreens, but who the hell buys microgreens? Our head of lettuce has stayed fresh for over a week, and so I used the rest up tonight with that lemon vinaigrette, chopping it up. I love romaine and could probably eat a whole head of it, especially with a little chopped shallot mixed in.

Oh, and there's most of an enormous devil's food cake sitting on my dresser. It's moist and delicious and way too big for us to finish. Please visit and eat it.

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