Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes I think too hard about food.

I'm typing this post as it is 8-0 Red Sox, 0 outs, at the bottom of the second. Perhaps the Phillies should ditch their grizzled pitcher?

Anyway, I totally forgot to photograph what I made tonight, which is a shame, because it looked great on the plate for a change: Southwestern-spiced lentil burgers on homemade hamburger buns with all the fixings and kale chips on the side. I'd highly recommend lentil burgers to all you omnivores or regretful vegetarians; they're pleasantly meaty in their own way.

Here's a picture that actually looks a whole lot like our dinner, except we didn't have what seems to be a thick layer of mayo and some weird mache lettuce going on:

I also have some very specific ideas about burger assembly that the burger-maker in the above photo violated. First of all, cheese should be toasted directly onto the top bun, and then the patty should be applied to the cheese. Lettuce goes directly on the bottom bun to provide a barrier between it and the tomato, whose juice could soak it through. Burger integrity field will then fail.

Anyone remember the Voyager episode in which everyone but Seven of Nine had to be put in stasis because of structural integrity field problems?

Anyway, yesterday I baked a version of these brown butter bars using strawberries and in a pie plate. That I did manage to photograph.

I baked them for nowhere close to 40 minutes; it might not even have been 30. There's about half a "pie" left, even after dessert tonight, too.

By the time I'm finishing this post, it's 0-10 at the bottom of the third (Phillies are pitching).

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