Saturday, March 12, 2011


Before you are allowed to read this post, go here and donate a few bucks for relief efforts in Japan, because they basically just got hit with Hurricane Katrina plus her cousin Nuclear Incident Bob. This post may not be worth $10, but the Red Cross sure wants you to be fleeced into thinking it is.

You know, while I love the taste of barley, and I love the taste of corn, I always feel like I never get to chew anything when I eat either, unless the corn is on the cob, in which case I at least get to gnaw.

Luckily, the crisp blanched green beans in this barley/corn/green bean/red onion/tomato/feta salad with mint/Dijon/red wine vinegar dressing were a little less tender to the tooth.

Although I had an amazing (and massive) apple Greenmarket apple earlier today, I'm still sort of jonesing for something sweet. Thankfully, I have a nice, fresh bottle of olive oil that I can exploit after I finish up my study quota for the day...

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