Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just can't quit you

I told myself when I got to medical school that I was going to ditch a few aspects of my undergraduate life, quizbowl being one of them. Oops. I should have known better than to think I was actually going to succeed at completely divesting myself of a community of people who can discuss, in quick succession and with acceptable competence, Brahms, Bohr, and Bulgakov. The spending money I can earn by writing questions doesn't hurt, either.

Which is why I'm throwing together a quick dinner of sautéed mushroom and roasted chickpeas with ginger-turmeric sauce and heading out to some café to write ICT questions tonight. Less rambunctious than my other post-exam options, maybe, but a girl needs a little quasi-polymath* time, you know? I'm no longer playing tournaments, so this is the best I can get.

*I say quasi because I'm pretty sure one needs to be better-versed at "everything" than a typical quizbowler is in order to be called a polymath. But a lot of us still know some fun things and will talk about what little we know ad infinitum, given the chance. It makes me smile.

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