Saturday, March 5, 2011

Almost transparent sheep chase

The Murakami v. Murakami contest is easier to judge than Adams v. Adams. H. Murakami clearly wins. However, I will admit that Coin Locker Babies is much, much better than In the Miso Soup. It reminds me a lot of Inter Ice Age 4, actually. The first sentence may have been inauspicious, but thereafter lies a weird, wacky coming-of-age story complete with surprise gavials and bisexual rock stars. One of each, actually.

After a productive trip to the Union Square Greenmarket, an productive trip to Trader Joe's, and an unproductive trip to Whole Foods (where does one go to find kohlrabi these days), I had the materials with which to make a sweet potato and spinach risotto.

There were all sorts of exciting potatoes to be had at the greenmarket, purple and orange and red and so on, but they were not in their prime. And while I loved the idea of cooking with watermelon radishes, which were at the stall next door, I have absolutely no idea what to do with them (Internet says: pickling!). Ditto black radishes. There was some amazing organic spinach, though, which is what I put in tonight's dinner, along with the last of that punch-you-in-the-face Bulgarian feta I got a few weeks ago (speaking of food being past its prime). Oh, it feels good to be cooking again.

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