Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sometimes I worry myself.

As I was disembarking yesterday's Boltbus from Boston to New York, I collided with another woman in the aisle of the bus. Distracted by acute-onset loneliness (I got married over break, which was cool*. Leaving my freshly minted husband behind wasn't so cool.), I did not think to check for stuff that might have spilled out of my bag after we had our close encounter. And then I discovered about two hours after arriving home that I did not have my wallet. Because I am actually not a functional adult, my method of looking for it involved sifting rationally through my things, then dumping my bag on my bed and rifling through the contents, spraying them about the room in my terror. No wallet.

Many frantic calls later, I discovered that yes, indeed, the bus driver had it, and yes, indeed, he was on his way back to Boston. I relied on the kindness of some awesome friends who bought me food--thanks, guys, I owe you one--until I could get my wallet back. Being utterly without money or a way to get money is a bizarre experience, let me tell you. Anyway, I picked up my wallet today from Boltbus Driver Jim, my new favorite person ever, at the Boltbus arrival stop, but because I am not a functional adult and had to spend the day wildly cramming in a week's worth of studying and reading that I carefully avoided doing while on spring break, I did not make up a nice menu plan or grocery list as usual.

So, if you thought two weeks ago's "hey, look, my excuse for a food blog involves me mushing everything in my fridge up with pasta" was lame, check this out:

Lunch: Jim Lahey's no-knead bread (the whole-wheat version), two of the three eggs I had left in the fridge, half the leftover caramelized onions I unearthed in the fridge, some amazing homemade jam one of today's patron-friends gave me as part of her wedding present.

Dinner: more no-knead bread, the last egg, the last of the onions, and an arugula salad with balsamic-orange dressing and toasted sesame seeds... i.e., the same thing I had for lunch, plus arugula.

Honestly, although I did pick up groceries, do not expect much for the next fourteen days or so. For one thing, a week of vacation-style eating--lots of restaurants, lots of Berry Line--has convinced me to adhere to a not-so-lush diet for awhile. For another, yet another exam impends. Less than a year until clinicals...

I have a success story to share, though! For months now, I have been unable to make sound work in Chrome. I finally confessed last night to a friend who works for Mozilla that I'm switching to Firefox, because it dawned on me how truly stupid it was to keep a Firefox window open so I could copy/paste links in from Chrome when I needed sound. He pointed out that in Windows 7, it was possible to mute specific programs. Lo and behold, the Mozilla employee put me on the right path to solve the problem that reinstalling Flash and Chrome and what have you did not, and now I can do everything in Chrome again! Of course, because I'm not a functional adult, the first thing I did was watch this video.

*Our version of a wedding photo:

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  1. *flails in happiness for you*

    did you simply decide to get no-bells-or-whistles married? admirable & practical.

    also, this signifies that I still totally read your blog posts, especially since I've been cooking a ton lately.