Monday, March 21, 2011

Assassins' creed

I have ideas sometimes, which is dangerous, not because they're either brilliant or dangerous in the sense of oh-hey-a-novel-explosive-device, but because they tend to be dangerously cheesy and/or pun-filled. So naturally I'm going to act on the one I had a few days ago. My inner dialogue went kind of like this.

Me: Hmm, Andy wants you to make Milano cookies.
Me: Great! I wonder if they're actually associated with Milan.
Me: Wikipedia says no. Wouldn't it be cool if they were invented at the behest of the Milan royalty or something?
Me: Totally... hey, let's pretend they were invented by the Sforzas* in order to commemorate some birth or assassination or something.
Me: I have an even better idea! Let's make a series of desserts commemorating famous assassinations.

And so it goes, ladies and germs, that I bring you the first installment of my assassination dessert series:

La Sforza del destino
(Milanos, with almond extract-flavored cookies and orange chocolate ganache)

Once upon a time, there was a duke of Milan named Galeazzo Maria Sforza.

The Sforza did some good for the city, and Galeazzo was himself a great patron of music, but he was in all other ways kind of evil.

So three angry and probably more righteous officials, led by a guy named Giovanni Lampugnani, viciously stabbed him to death.

Lampugnani was immediately captured by a mob and gruesomely killed and put on even more gruesome display, a fate that later befell his compatriots as well.

And so ends the reign of the naughtiest of Sforzas, as well as the first entry in what I'm going to call my Komm, süßer Tod series.

*Turns out the Sforzas are actually somehow named in the game Assassins' Creed? I swear I didn't know that until I made this post!

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  1. These cookies look amazing. Post the recipe? Also, an assassin dessert series is an awesome idea!