Friday, April 1, 2011

Candy is dandy

I saw a guy selling peanut brittle on the street, and I thought I'd give candy-making another shot. But peanut brittle is boring, so I bring you spicy curry chickpea brittle.

The cayenne is... assertive. Instead of stirring it into the caramel mix, next time I'll toss the chickpeas with curry and cayenne before I roast them (rather than just the curry).

So, the head of our nephrology unit likes to open his lectures with ten-minute, rather rabbinical discourses on whatever topic he cares to speak on; examples include the Yankees, logistics, and the superiority of the nephrologist to the cardiologist. Yesterday morning, when a student introduced herself to him by her first name only, he was off, this time on the topic of medical students' habit of infantilizing themselves. I couldn't agree more with this. I think I've complained on this blog before, or maybe only to my long-suffering friends, how it feels as though there's this horrible positive feedback loop between the medical school infantilizing us and us infantilizing ourselves and them infantilizing us in response. End result: whiny teenagers less than four years from having those two tantalizing letters after their names. Eek. In any case, NYUSoM's favorite nephrologist lectured us briefly on how we need to treat ourselves as adults by introducing ourselves with both names, thus setting our mental stage for the day when we will need to confront a medical crisis, whether it be one we are assigned during clerkships or one that drops to the gritty floor of Penn Station with an acute MI while we just happen to be nearby. He went on to say that our abilities as medical students are potent, and that we undersell ourselves because we don't yet have the expertise to coordinate a patient's care. It was a heady little talk.


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