Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Minimal change

Disease of the kidneys, generic kidney bean and navy bean soup, you know, same old, same old.

Actually, a few things of note:

1. A New York Times recipe that I'm not going to link you to because they've got article limits these days (heavens!) directs the intrepid chickpea stew-making cook to stick a clove in a whole onion and boil it with the chickpeas for an hour. I didn't have a whole clove, but I did sprinkle some ground clove in my broth, and I loved the results.

2. Early this morning (my body has decided that 5 a.m. is a good wakeup time), I finished a Milan Kundera book called Farewell Waltz. It's got his unique blend of poignancy and wry humor, to be sure, with an amusing backdrop of institutionalized misogyny thrown in. I highly, highly recommend it.

3. I accidentally used the word "rigorousness" (believe me, I'm as ashamed of me as you are) in front of two doctors today. In eerily perfect unison, they interrupted my sentence and simply said, "Rigor." I wasn't offended. It was pretty fantastic, actually.

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  1. I am sure it was not in the context of "rigorousness mortisousness"