Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Frugality... with literary exceptions

Because of the expense of various food projects and an unfortunate purchasing accident*, I spent a lot more on groceries this past week-and-a-half or so than I meant to. After wincing repeatedly at the extent to which I went over my biweekly budget, I resolved, until such time as I run out of protein-containing foods, to purchase only from the green carts that stud the streets of New York. Since I've got a store of eggs and navy beans laid up, as well as an embarrassing variety of cheeses**, it should be a good long while before I see Trader Joe's again.

On that note, I shall be fed free dinner tonight at a meeting. And it begins.

Obviously, it would be stupid to make a whole post about purchasing policies. Is it still stupid if I write about how I countered my new low-budget food plan by buying this and this last night? My defense: they were both used (and thus cheap) books, and I've been looking for a cheap copy of the latter for some time now, and The Strand was out of copies of this, and so I had to console myself!

*I'm declining to elaborate for reasons of not wanting to reveal how deeply foolish I am. Suffice it to say that it involved extreme fatigue and putting things in my basket at Trader Joe's without realizing it. Literally.
**That ricotta I've been cooking with? Part of the accident.

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