Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eat food. Fried rice. Mostly vegetables.

I made coconut rice using a 3:1 ratio of ("lite") coconut milk to water, intending to do sort of a Thai-influenced curry fried rice. But I didn't have red curry paste, and exams are impending, so it seemed stupid to deal with making up a red curry mixture myself. Instead, I dumped huge amounts of peas and sauteed onions (thus the title of the post) into the rice, added a star anise pod and some dried ginger and some sauteed garlic and some soy sauce and some Szechuan pepper, and fried it all up in a tiny bit of sesame oil. Unorthodox? Probably. But it tasted good, and I'm choosing to believe it's reasonably healthful.

(Note the flashcards in the background. That's been pretty much my day. But the reason I ate dinner so early is that I'm going to a free opera soon.)

That last part is important, because earlier today I made a loaf of whole-wheat cinnamon bread. Bread-making is great for studying: Each stage of the process roughly corresponds with a point when I like to get up and move around a bit or some such. I get my naturally timed breaks in, and there's deliciousness at the end of it!

Speaking of: Friends and potential study-mates, please eat this bread, or else it will go stale and then I'll have to make bread pudding out of it. Horrors.

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  1. Soon, very soon, I will be in NYC - and then I come and eat your leftovers. And then you will be sorry! Or maybe not! Mwuahaha!