Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maximum efficiency

Less than 12 hours after Andy and I woke up yesterday, I had bread rising in my new housing in New York!

I used the minimal supplies that I'd brought with me from Boston, plus eggs purchased that afternoon, to make shakshuka. The dish basically consists of eggs poached in spiced tomato sauce that usually has onion in it as well, although we neglected to get an onion during the egg run. After poaching the eggs and portioning out the food, I layered some spinach on top to wilt from the heat a bit. All we'd eaten that day, aside from a Starbucks coffee, were some carrot sticks and grapes and cashews we'd brought to nibble on the U-Haul ride up, but moving takes a lot out of you, and this concoction hit the spot. No photos, though; I was too tired to bother tearing myself away from my bowl long enough to dig out my camera.

I miss Boston horribly already, but it looks like this will be a good place to live and study.

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  1. eh, once you discover the Greenmarkets you'll stop missing Boston (at least the city, if not the lovely people thereof). Welcome to New York!

    (actually, I'll be stopping through next Sunday through Tuesday - if classes don't have you too busy yet, I'd definitely be up for saying hello at a favorite Chinatown noodle shop or something of the sort...)