Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some recipes are more like suggestions

I unwisely decided to make both Andy's rosemary garlic bread and garlic soup for tonight, unwisely both because it will probably inhibit my ability to make friends due to the intense garlic breath it may engender and because I now only have about a third of a head of garlic left for the next two weeks (I've vowed not to go food shopping until I finish my first exam).

But I've been sick, and roasted garlic actually helps settle me--garlic can upset some people's stomachs in large amounts--so I went with the garlic soup I made once this past summer. Due to Circumstances, there ended up being more onion available than called for and slightly less garlic than available, so I chose to caramelize some of the onions in olive oil (rather than butter) and soak the rest briefly in cold water, then saute them, and make the soup without dairy in it (heavy cream was asked for; all I have is yogurt). Instead, after immersion blending, I broiled some mozzarella on top and made a crouton by broiling a square of the bread.

The presentation of the peas needs work (what, you mean I can't just plop them on the plate and expect magic?), but I think the soup ended up looking nice. The whole meal was warm and soothing; I'd eat this any night.

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  1. I KNOW THAT PLATE! Those were my parents' wedding present. : D
    Also nom.