Wednesday, September 8, 2010

C'est bon

This bread was worth the effort. That is all.

It went well with my lazy person's modification of a dish I made this summer, Mark Bittman's rolled kale. Instead of spending ages stripping intact kale leaves from stems and rolling them around meticulously sliced sticks of feta, I stripped the leaves off the stems and chopped both. Then I layered the leaves and some feta on top of a lightly sauteed garlic-and-stems mixture, topped it with some olives and a couple chopped Roma tomatoes and half a chopped onion, poured a little cooking wine over the whole thing, and cooked it covered until the kale was tender. The broth that collects at the bottom is the best part, winy and briny. It's not so pretty, though, so I think I'll eschew pictures. But look at the tasty bread!

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