Monday, September 6, 2010

Grocery shopping and other indoor sports

Another student and I placed an order with FreshDirect, a grocery service that delivers for a $5.79 fee, and the food arrived this morning. While the prices on dairy products were average to suboptimal, the prices for fresh produce, both organic and otherwise, were wonderful. As a result, I've got kale, local chard, scallions, local corn, carrots, onions, fennel, and green beans for the eating. After a week of either eating out or eating scraped-together meals very light on the vegetables, having the opportunity to go crazy with the produce at lunch was a relief. I made a salad of barely steamed chard, raw corn, red wine vinegar, and marjoram, with a little mozzarella on top. I haven't eaten like this in too long. The corn was so phenomenally sweet and crispy that I scrapped my previous plans to make a soup out of the rest of it, because it would be almost disrespectful not to eat it raw. And there's no way to go wrong with copious amounts of nearly raw chard.

And then another friend and I took a jaunt to the World's Most Crowded Trader Joe's, which featured an excellent wine shop with $4 vinho verde and some lovely looking sake that said friend picked up. At the actual grocery segment of the WMCTJ's, I got some basics (flour, eggs, huge bar of chocolate that will satisfy my baking needs until Thanksgiving) as well as lots of green tea. Why lots? Because once you've navigated the phenomenal (and yet phenomenally handled, I grant) lines at WMCTJ's, you don't want to go back for awhile, and the other Trader Joe's nearby (6th and 23rd) doesn't have as extensive a facility.

I've also begun the process of making a sourdough baguette, which will conclude either tomorrow night or Thursday morning. We'll see how this goes!

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