Sunday, September 12, 2010

My centennial

It figures that I wouldn't really cook anything special for my hundredth post. Again, friends keep popping up, and they all seem to regard eating a meal together as a good idea... anyway, I had a great meal, many components of which I can't identify at all, at an interesting Indian restaurant.

Today was sort of an interesting food day even if no dinner cooking happened. First, upon returning from yoga, I tried to make this apple-kale-ginger smoothie I'd seen that looked delightful. My poor little food processor was insufficient, though, to puree the stuff, so I ended up with finely minced apples, kale, and ginger. It was delicious. Lunch was a salad of sweet corn, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella. I'd also made brownies, but those were to give to study buddies (yes, I am incentivizing good god I hate that word why did I use it studying with me via provision of calories).

I am seriously trying to reform the amount of food I'm taking in on a daily basis, or rather its caloric value, but it's hard when free food keeps happening everywhere, particularly when that free food isn't so much healthful as just satisfying to eat, both for taste reasons and for I-didn't-buy-this reasons.

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