Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dandayamana janushirasana, bread, and exams

The first part of the title of this post is the yoga pose that I am closer and closer to hitting the next level on. But not quite close enough. Yet. It is challenging.

The second part of the title refers to two loaves of sourdough cornmeal bread, one put in the oven last night and one put in the oven minutes ago (that sounds like a movement from Pictures at an Exhibition). The one I just put in is likely going to turn out much more sour; while the first one is tasty, it didn't have the tang I expected. Sourdough can be challenging.

The third part refers to what I should be studying for instead of typing this. It will likely be challenging.

Oh, and for dinner I made a kidney bean and chard stew with Asiago on top. Do not boil your chard, people. Just heat up your soup and put the chard in it, then wait 5 minutes, and it will be at a reasonable degree of done without turning into slimy chardsnot.

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