Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When roestis fail

Spooked by the biochemical implications of a high-carbohydrate diet (thank you, medical school) and feeling slightly guilty about my consumption of three or four small fried things at a medical school event earlier today (medical school, why do you feed us unhealthful food?), I chose to improvise a zucchini roesti for dinner, binding the zucchini and feta together with some egg, lemon juice, and about a third of a cup of whole wheat flour, and flavoring the whole thing with salt, pepper, and some of that Persian yogurt blend I mentioned a few posts ago. Now, either I should have squeezed more water out of the zucchini than I did or the egg and lemon juice were too much moisture, because the roesti did not exactly hold together. All my frying pans have plastic handles, so I couldn't even finish the thing in the oven. I suppose I'll discover later tonight whether the resulting delightfully chartreuse and truly, truly delicious... uh... semi-crispy zucchini mush was cooked through. Possibly raw egg consumption? Bring it on.

Like I said, though, it was delicious, with just the right amount of lemon juice and enough minty yogurt spice to give it sort of refreshing overtones. I'll either refine my zucchini-squeezing technique next time or just bake the whole shebang.

In other news, for lunch, I made in 7 minutes (yes, I timed myself) a two-egg goat cheese and green bean omelette, consumed with fresh grapes. No time-related excuses for not eating fresh, healthful food anymore.

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