Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eschewing beige

I made white bean soup for the first time tonight. Actually, I also ate white bean soup for the first time tonight. It was pretty good, with parmesan and rosemary and bay in it, but one of the only pureed soups I've eaten in the past couple years that I thought might actually benefit from the addition of heavy cream. Perhaps I did it wrong? In any case, it wasn't all that photogenic--picture cannellini beans pureed with flecks of pepper and rosemary and you're pretty much there--but these roasted vegetables sure are.

And then I got the urge to bake these fudgy chocolate cookies. I didn't really feel like eating any (which may signal the start of deep and pervasive mental illness on my part), so they'll be brought to tomorrow's 9 a.m. lecture on the pediatric medical interview to assuage my peers' pain at actually attending said lecture.

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  1. Mm these cookies were absolutely delicious.