Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips and tricks

Dinner meeting tonight, so here are some fun cooking, reading, and dissection tips.

1. To keep your hands from smelling of formaldehyde, put on a pair of gloves, soap them lightly, and put another pair on top of them.

2. To keep your hands from turning red when working with beets, roast them first (if possible or necessary) in an inch or so of water in a covered pan. Cool them enough to put them in Baggies, and then the skin will slip right off when you rub it through the plastic.

3. Read books by Italo Calvino. They are good for the soul.

And some mental health links:
How cool is this?
How cute is this?


  1. Man, if the alternative is roasting my hands and peeling the skin off of them, I'd rather just have them turn red.

  2. Poor wording has been duly noted.

  3. I can't stop laughing about a) the puppy hands and b) your poor word choice.