Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Radio silence

All sorts of interesting things have been happening Chez MD Stomach that have prevented any actual posting (read: studying, free food, an opera), but here goes.

To cut down on the time spent tending tonight's curry, I made all components (lentils, gravy, roasted vegetable mix) completely separately as time allowed. For instance, lentils can be cooked by boiling them and then, before they're completely done, covering the pot and letting them soak up the rest of the hot water and thus get nice and fluffy. The vegetables could be popped in the oven while I was studying and then just left to be mixed in later. Thus, the gravy, which takes no time at all to make, was the only item that needed actual attention.

And lo, we have one of my study day standards, made even less of a timesuck than it previously was! Sadly, said standard also involved me pouring curry sauce down the leg of my only clean pair of scrubs. Curses. Also sadly, I finished off my supply of fenugreek (but also rediscovered some feta in the back of the fridge that I'd totally forgotten I had).

Less than a week until test time, and then I can read books for another week before class starts again! I may even re-tackle The Recognitions.

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