Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trust in me

Early dinner tonight, mostly because it sort of qualifies as lunch. I made savory bread pudding with thyme, mushrooms, caramelized red onion, and Parmesan; helpfully, it used up the old stale bread from two days ago. As a token attempt to make dinner appear healthy rather than "bread soaked in eggs with some cheese on top", I made a broccoli and apple salad with red wine vinegar that could have benefited from some pistachios, or perhaps walnuts. Still tasty, though, and much more tasty than my skeptical boyfriend claimed it would be (Anyone remember this from childhood?). I forgot to photograph dinner before it ended up in my stomach, so here is a picture that I like:

Fun fact of the day: when a kidney is transplanted, it's placed inferior to the anatomical location of one's own kidney, in the cradle of the ilium (also known as the iliac fossa). The dysfunctional original kidney is usually left where it is. This is because the renal blood supply and innervation are complicated enough that tearing through them would be a very, very bad idea and lead to a much more complicated surgery.

Fun happening of the day: Steve Reich's City Life (first movement) syncing up perfectly with sounds of the city as I walked to lab this morning.

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