Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There's a molecular gastronomy site I read occasionally that described the synergistic gustatory effects of combining cauliflower and chocolate. I have neither the time nor the funds nor the equipment nor the skills to execute the more impressive sorts of molecular gastronomy, but I have cauliflower, and I have cocoa powder. And Parmesan. And gelatin. Enter caramelized cauliflower with cocoa gelée and crispy Parmesan cocoa crumbles. The dish is so high-falutin' that I'm blushing with shame. But it's... surprisingly good. Really good, actually, though I can't help but think that cauliflower drizzled with some sort of Parmesan ganache might be better. In true high-falutin' fashion, the current version is photographed with only a few tiny slices of cauliflower on the plate, for which I would theoretically charge $20. It would cost an extra dollar if it were topped with a few big crystals of pink Himalayan salt.

Most importantly, though, nothing imminently perishable is left in the fridge.

Look at the teeny cube of cocoa gel!

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