Friday, December 31, 2010

Home sweet home

After a bit of an ordeal à la JetBlue, I finally got back to Manhattan! After a week of sporadic cooking and way, way too much eating out, it was time to celebrate with a trip to World's Most Crowded Trader Joe's and a subsequent delicious dinner. I thought about poaching eggs in a blend of vegetable broth and white wine, but true to my secretly lazy self, I didn't want to have to poach more eggs tomorrow for lunch. So I turned to pasta cooked in red wine with mushrooms, onions, coriander, and fennel, with a raw kale salad. Despite the fact that broiled kale is what I habitually make, I love, love, love raw kale salad. Mostly it's because I can talk to the kale in my head. You see, in order to get it soft and pliable, one must massage the kale with whichever acid one is using to soften it chemically. It's like a little kale spa: "First, we will relax you with a luxurious lemon juice massage, followed by a light marinade in the juice and some rice wine vinegar to make you looser and more relaxed than you have ever been before. Doesn't that feel good?" And then, after it's rested in the lemon juice and vinegar for 10 or 15 minutes, I top it with minced carrot, red onion, and peanuts. And eat it.

Today also featured my return to yoga after nine days of not being able to do it. This went... marginally well. Okay, slightly less than marginally, if I am to be honest with myself. Tomorrow will be better. In the meantime, I will finish reading Because I Was Flesh, an amazing, amazing book by Edward Dahlberg that everybody should try. I wish I'd read it before I read The Sorrows of Priapus; I'd shied away from it because I don't usually enjoy biographies or autobiographies as much as an author's other works, but this is a fine exception (and plus, it would have given me greater insight into Sorrows.

Oh, and happy new year. This year wasn't bad, but the next one promises to be better.

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  1. that sounds like a delicioussss dinner, yummy! can't wait to read about more of your creative dishes this year!!