Monday, May 16, 2011


When it comes to carbohydrates, the Cajun half of my DNA won out. You see, despite the fact that potato knishes and kasha are delicious, my true love is rice. Big, fluffy grains of rice. These days, it's brown rice, of course. Brown rice is great. It's pretty good for you, and I love the nutty flavor. But I miss the indulgence of those soft white grains. So, for an extra bit of flavor, I boiled up some green tea with a healthy knob of ginger in it and used that as the liquid in which to cook tonight's rice.

Atop that went spicy soy-glazed eggplant, carrots, and snap peas (mmm, snap peas). I briefly pondered making an egg crepe and using it for a fragrant rice omelette*... but then I got lazy. In retrospect, it would have been quite pretty.

Okay, so maybe that wasn't quite the homage to my mom's culinary contributions to my life that I'd originally intended. But you know what they say: Cajuns are very similar to Asians. They all eat rice and worship their ancestors**.

*Idea for shaping these, to be tested: line a small bowl with the crepe, put in the rice, fold it, invert the bowl.
**Am I offending people with that joke? Yes? Oops.

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