Sunday, May 15, 2011

What are days for?

Some bug has been making the rounds of my class, it seems. I spent the whole week feeling rather lousy. As a result, I spent the week not really studying. As a result, I've studied for way too many hours today as part of my desperate attempt to catch up. It's strange; although I've accomplished quite a lot, the day seems rather empty. Such a day is necessary, though, in order to avoid this sort of situation.

In any case, because the weather was also quite lousy today (at least most of the day), I went for a dinner made to give me the warm fuzzies. A few weeks ago, I got really excited when I saw a recipe for a vegetarian tagine and figured I could fake a tagine by using a cake pan and some aluminum foil. But then I realized that the recipe was not tagine-like at all. There was no slow stewing of all the ingredients together, just some separate cooking and a quick five-minute mix-together step at the end. So I took the recipe, added cinnamon and kale to the spice mix just for fun, and cooked the ingredients (and way too much of them... I'm freezing a month's worth of dinners at this rate) according to this method. I still can't call what I made a tagine with any acceptable degree of versimilitude, but at least it's slow-cooked!

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