Wednesday, May 11, 2011

omg chocolate bread

Chocolate bread!

Chocolate! Bread!

I suppose I have to at least attempt to be coherent in the face of deliciousness. This is all I'm planning to make today; my cold evolved into something considerably more annoying, so all I really want is tea and toast. Solution found.

An interesting note from the annals of medical school: According to one of today's lectures, there are 6 million pregnancies in the United States annually. Slightly fewer than half of those are unplanned pregnancies. I'm going to start listing factors that I think contribute to that rather astounding statistic: insufficient sex education, insufficient access to medical care, insufficient access to insurance for that care, laws that impede access to birth control for teens, laws that impede access to emergency contraception for everyone, birth control failure due to user error, birth control failure due to other factors, and sexual assault. Keep these things in mind when you vote.

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