Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rolling along

Today was sort of crazy for me--class, research, and so on--and when I finally dragged myself home, I was confronted with a couple leftover wheat tortillas, some eggs, and some vegetables that I'd had pickling in a lime and turmeric brine. What to do? Kathi rolls! Kathi rolls are, traditionally, kebabs or other filling wrapped in parathas. There's egg and the (briefly) pickled tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers in this one.

The tortilla wrapped surprisingly well, for a day-old slab of whole-wheat. And really... that's all there is to say! I could be all, "Hey, this is good for you and filling, too!" but you probably figured that out already. I promise there are more interesting projects in the works! Tune in tomorrow for a lesson on What To Do With Your Ramp Bulbs.

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