Saturday, May 7, 2011

When you give a mouse a cookie... know he'll want soy products to go with it.

Oh, Fake'n. How far you have carried me. First it was vegetarian BLT cups; now it's vegetarian linguini alla carbonara.

Pasta alla carbonara involves mixing egg, butter (which I didn't use, because I don't have any) and cheese with just-drained pasta so that the egg coats the pasta while still remaining runny. Pancetta is usually used instead of bacon, but I don't think soy pancetta is likely to crop up any time soon.

I made a wilted spinach salad to go with this, frying some garlic in olive oil and using the hot olive oil to make a vinaigrette in which I tossed the spinach. I love doing this because it cooks the spinach to my favored degree of wilted. Andy didn't mind the two cloves of fried garlic that went in there, either.

We spent a large portion of our day at the Bronx Zoo, subsidized by a combination of Bank of America and NYU. Here's a photo of the most adorable thing we saw:

That's right. It's a pile of mice in a tree.

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