Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unique forms of continuity in cake

I really want a copy of The Futurist Cookbook.

Unfortunately, the cheapest one I can find costs about $80, so I will have to wait for it to be in (re)print. But until the young and strong again want no part of the past, I will content myself with my unique forms of continuity in cake.

Inspired by "The Futurist Cooking Manifesto" (here with a Wikipedia summary here), I shall eat this cake with neither knife nor fork. Perhaps I'll just smell it for awhile and then not eat it at all, or perhaps I'll violently smear it everywhere. Marinetti would be proud.

Here's a picture! Unfortunately, as I was decorating it, it suddenly cracked down the middle. This makes it look much worse than it did when I was about halfway through. Prowess fail. Anyway, he's a little too squat, but on the whole, I am not disappointed.

/*The cake is Mark Bittman's chocolate cake recipe, with buttermilk instead of regular milk and a little cocoa thrown in for good measure; the frosting is my favorite silky chocolate icing from a back edition of the Good Housekeeping baking cookbook; the top is a confectioner's sugar/milk slurry with semisweet chocolate drawn on with flat-ended toothpicks. Dinner tonight is going to be a simple tofu-and-vegetable stir fry, so perhaps an Asian dessert would have been better, but I had no coconut milk and no car with which to fetch it.

Also, I can only find one beater for each of the two electric mixers we have. I have no idea how this happened. */


  1. Wow...a C-style comment. I'm impressed, Hannah.

    Nice cake, by the way.

  2. Thanks! And thanks. I hope you have a quarter full of cake :D

  3. that doesn't look very good to me...my decorating skills are simply FAR superior to yours. just like my math skills.

    love you, your cakes are beautiful :) rachel and I are clicking away..