Sunday, January 10, 2010

Outlaws of the Marshmallows

The homemade marshmallows, which weren't really a baked good per se but too bad, came out really well. They came out well despite me dropping the candy thermometer in the boiling sugar solution and almost overheating said sugar solution, perhaps because I was too busy rocking out to my "U Can't Touch This" Pandora station***.

In any case, these are definitely superior in taste to the store-bought Jet Puff kind, although those will always be in the portion of my heart reserved for certain inalienable processed foods (Kraft mac and ersatz cheese takes up most of the rest of it). Dipping them in dark chocolate is a great choice, but I'd also just as happily flavor them with lemon or orange or peppermint extract.

Only four days or so left in which to bake! Not that it's making me despondent; on the contrary, I am on tenterhooks waiting to go play ACF Winter and return to Boston to see certain people. And finish undergrad. But four days of cooking left! If there's anything you are particularly interested in tasting (family) or having me test for you (tragically absent friends), post and let me know.

***A note on bad music: Some music is bad in a really, really great way; for instance, I am convinced that O-Zone would have had a following outside Moldova even without this guy. (By the way, I apologize to the couple who had the misfortune of watching me rock out to "Faith," by George Michael, as I was driving to meet some friends for dinner this evening at a truly tasty Thai restaurant called Siam Orchid that you Floridians should all patronize. I was listening to NPR not two minutes before you saw me, which would have spared you.) But some music is just bad (see: song from the most recent film version of Romeo and Juliet that my sister is doing a circus routine to, song she is currently playing that might be called "Don't Stop" in which the singer declares that she revels waking up in the morning looking like P. Diddy). This music should be expunged in favor of additional repetitions of everything on the radio during the 1980s.


  1. Alton Brown has a really great episode of Good Eats with marshmallows. If I ever get a candy thermometer it will be the first thing I make.

  2. It's Tik Tok by Ke$ha lol. And it's "Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy" b/c she's like surrounded by hot chicks.