Thursday, January 14, 2010

End of the break bakestravaganza!

For today, we have some delicious carrot-walnut cookies that are a little more healthful than most of the desserts I've been making. They're made with whole wheat flour, oil, no eggs unless you want to throw one in to help with moisture, and any general sweetener that isn't white sugar. I used a blend of honey, agave nectar, and molasses, and then promptly destroyed the health benefits by rolling them in cinnamon sugar before baking. It just makes them so pretty!

These don't look much different baked than unbaked, and because they're vegan, you could really just eat the dough without worrying about salmonella (of course, if your eggs are pasteurized, it's silly to worry anyway.). Believe me, I was tempted, because although the cookies aren't rich and gooey like most of the things I've mad this winter, but they're hearty and satisfyingly carroty. If you want to make them more indulgent, add a cream cheese glaze on the top.

Extra bonus: Aside from the carrot-grating, these take virtually no time and very little equipment. You could really make them with a bowl, a spoon, and a subdivided cup measure, and of course a baking pan for the actual cooking the cookies part.

Here is the recipe! The site has some other things that I'd like to try, specifically the lentil stew.

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