Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby got back.

Yes, I've got some big, squishy buns. Cinnamon buns, that is. I've made overnight sticky buns before, and they were really good, but since these are three times as quick and nearly as good, I'd rather make them.

I follow the recipe for the dough exactly, but the butter spreading and the spice/sugar mix vary. I used cloves and nutmeg in the spice/sugar mix the first time I made this, but my mother isn't a big fan of nutmeg and straight-up dislikes cloves, so I've eschewed those and gone with the straight cinnamon this time around.

I also used the caramel recipe from the sea salt caramel ganache brownies (Oh, oops. I forgot to post that. I made a couple pans of those for New Year's Eve, and they were awesome. I also made sophisticatedly spiced collards and some simple rosemary crispy potatoes to go with my dad's ducks that he always makes.) to top them rather than the cream cheese recipe stated. I substituted honey for the corn syrup (especially since someone gave my mom a little jar of the good stuff for Thanksgiving) and then drizzled it on top after the buns had baked, while they were still hot so that it would soak into the buns. I wish I'd had raisins and/or pecans to put in the buns as well, but alas! sometimes we can't have everything as decadent as we'd like it.

Because I halved the cinnamon bun and caramel recipes, there's also some leftover heavy cream. This means that my next baking endeavor will probably involve scones.

And now I'm watching Sin City and drinking decaf chai, black, and eating a bun. Flabby in body, flabby in mind. Go, winter break? Yeah, I don't think so, either.

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